Moonlight Tales

Little wonder why animals behave and look the way they are: fishes live in the water, penguins do not fly, cats (leopard, tiger, lion) are distinct, cats hate rats, kites hover over flames of fire, snakes have neither hands nor legs, toads have no tail, women do not grow beard?


Moonlight tales is a compilation of twenty fiction and short fantasy tales, nineteen of which are centered on animals. It explores and reveals the genesis and reasons why animals behave and look the way they are. Each tale ends with a simple crossword and questions that could help improve a child’s intellect and moral standards. The tales are accompanied by 40 full-page illustrations created by talented artist Tereza Dostálová.


It is a children picture book manuscript.


ISBN 978-80-973358-5-4

Book comes as softcover, 104 pages, size 191 x 235 mm / 7.5 x 9.25 inches. 

Moonlight Tales

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