Amorandi Publishing

We focus on creating fully illustrated books. Mostly as books for children, but old authors with revitalised illustrated content are as well part of our plan.


In art, there is one more level: creating your own magic world. Unrepeatable world where the magic is present, where the extracts from dreams, maybe a bit of secret dread is present - continuous presence of something indefinable, what wakes up your senses."
Adolf Born

Michal Šplho, publisher

Michal Šplho

Latest Releases

“We found it very attractive that the illustrations are on the pages of the books again.”

Galactic Magazine


“Yes, we recommend the illustrated books to each home to every little kid. Dream your world and enjoy the art of the artists.”

The Danubian Paper

“There is never enough of images. Even though they fill our world so much, the book is an essential place where they should be found.”

Marshmallow News